Here you can learn how our partner program is structured.
For Agents, Tour agents, Tour Agencies, Tour Operators, Organisations and Privste Guides.

All the above will require to register with our partner programme. The process is straightforward and will take only a few minutes of your time.  Please go to The Travel Elite Group site or to Universe TA site to register as an Agent. You will have to pay a $100 fee. Upon completion of the process, you will be able to begin building your career in the tourism sector. You will be provided with a personal account and a personal number. By using the above, you will be able to monitor your business progress and income. 
The Elite Travel Group will pay your commission for each deal ( tourist service or product sold) concluded by you or by your agents, tourist agencies and other partners, as per the Company T&C. The term deal includes the sale of tourist services or products to clients as well as a purchase of the above by you for your personal consumption.

Any registered user (or Agent) can add any legally permitted service (for example insurance, car, boat or accommodation rental, transfers, chauffeur services fishing, diving, hunting, etc.). An Agent will be entitled to compensation in the amount of difference between the announced prices and declared commission. These services will be available for promotion by other agents as well as by the Agent who added them. These services will be published on the Agent's landing page. If the Agent doesn't have their own services, he/she can publish on their landing page any services from the Company catalog. 

This project benefits from the elements of multilevel marketing. Any Agent is free to recruit other agents as well as licensed tourist operators, private guides to their team. All the above can benefit from advertising their services on the Company website. Thus, the Agent will be entitled to the commission not only for the personal deals but for the sale of his/her team.

A registered Agent can benefit from advertising the tourist services advertised on the Company website. To do so, the Agent will be required to comply with the rules and use the tools that are provided by the Company and can be found in the personal profile.  Those include - referral links, banners, videos, templates, scripts to name a few. Clients will purchase services and pay for them online using the provided referral links or any other mentioned above tools. In this case, the Agent is not required to directly communicate with the client as the client will be paying the Company directly.  The agent can consult the client concerning site navigation, how to register, find a tour or a cruise. The Agent will not assume any responsibility as their activity is limited to advertising only.  The supplier takes full responsibility for the service. All suppliers shall pass a strict control which includes checks for the experience, company registration, necessary certificates and licenses, insurance and other documents 
required by various countries. Upon registration on the platform, the Agent will pass the client to the company sales office. For every purchase made by the client in the future, their AGent will be entitled to a commission. 

We welcome Agents to attend our training, workshops, webinars and other modules where they can learn from tourist sector professionals, step-by-step, how to be successful in this sector - how to build your team, how to advance your career, how to increase your income and how to travel the world. For those agents, who would dedicate their career to the tourist sector,  we can offer special workshops.

Удостоверение турагента

Those who would like to become a professional and obtain a status shall undertake our special free training. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an official IATA / IATAN card and a status of the company Agent.  

IATA - International Airlines Travel Association, IATAN - International Association of Travel Agent Network.

IATA / IATAN accreditation provides individuals and tour agencies with certain privileges as well as with discounts for personal travel, invitations for special promotional tours, hotel and cruise ships inspections, etc. The accreditation enables the Tour Agents to take care of the client's orders, prepare and issue invoices, consult the clients. The Tour Agents can work directly with any supplier, that is a member of IATA / IATAN, prepare individual tours, provide visa support, and assist with travel plans. Each Tour Agent gets an IATA / IATAN card issued based on the request from The Elite Travel Group. All Tour Agents of The Elite Travel Group Турагенты компании Elite Travel Group are entitled to the same payment structure and benefits as other Agents apart from:

1. The lowest career level is "Partner" 
2. Can attend promotional tours for Tour Agents
3. Entitles to special discounts for Tour Agents
4. Can work directly with any tourist services suppliers (cruise companies, airlines, hotels, resorts, tour operators, themed parks, car rental companies, insurance companies, online booking 
5. Can participate in the inspection tours 
6. Can attend tourist industry trade shows, conferences

7. Can develop their qualification by attending training by other tourist industry providers (for example they may become a certified specialist for Disney Parks in Orlando or for Sandals, Club Med, etc.). 



All newly registered Agents who are also private guides have to tick the box "yes" in the "I am a private guide" field. Thus you will be able to promote your own services using your own profile as well as using The Elite Travel Group platform. Your products also will be available for promotion for other company Agents. 

Upon completion of the services, all private guides are entitled to compensation as defined in advance. The agent who has sold this service (tour) will also be entitled to a percentage of the markup according to the company T&C. Private guides are entitled to the same privileges as any other Agents in line with the company T&C. 

Tour Operators and Travel Agencies shall register with the company as partners and are entitled to 50% of the markup as outlined in the company T&C. Registered Tour Operators or Travel Agencies benefit from promoting their services and offerings (tours, guided tours, resorts, etc.) on The Elite Travel Group platform. Thus all company Agents will be able to promote the above services and receive compensation from the sales according to the company T&C. Tour Operators can also offer promotional tours for the Agents and offer discounts.

Tour Operator or a Travel Agency must fulfill their obligations for their own offered services. The Elite Travel Group signs a contract with all Tour Operators and Travel Agencies. The contracts outline rights and obligations of each party for each other as well as for the clients. Apart from promoting their own services, Tour Operators or Travel Agencies, for their own structures can recruit Agents, Private Guides and other Tour Operators. In this case, they will be entitled to a commission as described in the company T&C. 

All suppliers can offer training for the company Agents as well as special FAM tours.

Tour agencies shall register with the Elite Travel Group as partners and commence the partnership with the Company according to the Company T&C starting with 50% commission from the markup. Registered tour agencies can advertise, promote and sell to their clients any services from the company catalog. Tour agencies can also create their own teams and structures consisting of Agents and private guides and receive a commission according to the Company T&C> 


Upon registration, you will receive your own profile (account), personalized landing page, partner account, and personal ID. In your personal profile you will find several useful tools to manage your earnings: 

- overview and stats of your account; 

- data for your landing page (number of visitors); 

- stats related to your personal commission as well as to the commission from your agents and partners.; 

-  HMTL banners, videos, flyers, collateral, samples of the advertising etc.. 

You will be notified by email about all successful deals concluded by your clients and agents from your team. Please don't forget to fill out the necessary information related to your accounts and the preferred method of receiving your payments. 

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