Your Own Travel Business!

Tourist operator Elite Travel Group together with the Academy of Tourism company Universe Travel Academy invites you to create your international travel business!
Take advantage of this unique opportunity, become a part of the project "Earn and Travel"
  1. Detailed ongoing training;
  2. Choice of activities: tours, cruises,resorts,excursions;
  3. Communication and negotiations;
  4. Building a team of like-minded people;
  5. Earnings and high incomes;
  6. Career and self-realization;
  7. Traveling around the world

Travel business
Sociable, educated, purposeful, responsible and enterprising candidates.
Also owners of a travel company can participate in the project. Registration link

WHAT YOU WILL GET NO COMPANY AGENT ID WHILE REGISTRATION NEEDS TO PAY $ 100 What does a registered agent get - in detail?

After registration, you will receive:
  • Your profile and account for doing business;
  • Tourist products for sale on the company's general website;
  • Your page with travel services to choose from and your data;
  • The ability to add travel services and products;
  • Training, assistance and support from the company and the sales department;
  • The office and the interface of reports, business, structure and created your customer database;
  • Revenue from 25% to 80% of the profits of your transactions;
  • The opportunity for career growth under marketing conditions from the Agent to the Director of the company;
  • Tools for sale of tourist services;
  • System of invoices and payments;
  • Contracts with service providers and partners;
  • All necessary licenses and accreditations from the company;
  • The possibility of unlimited professional training in the tourism industry;
  • Video content and support;
  • Samples and tools of advertising;
  • Ready scripts and texts for work;
  • Technology and technical capabilities of the site for the development of your business;
  • Participation in special events of the company and promotions;
  • The ability to create their own team and receive dividends.

The project unites several categories of participants:
1. BUYER / TOURIST - Anyone who is interested in purchasing tourist services and travel. The advantages of our customers are high-quality service, a wide range of services and a savings program of bonuses and discounts.
2. AGENT / ORGANIZATION - Any businessman (natural or legal person) who is interested in the tourism business. Agents can become even housewives who know the basics of advertising in social networks.
3. TOUR OPERATOR / TOUR AGENCY - Only licensed tourist organizations and agencies. Documents and licenses are required to provide relevant activities.
4. PRIVATE GUIDE - working as a private guide, with his tours and excursions.
Start with free registration and training. check in
You need a registration, in order to create your profile and have access to training materials, tools for working and managing your finances and earnings.
You also need to register that you can register other participants and thus create your customer base and your team of like-minded agents.
With the registration you can join the training live webinars, you can write directly questions to the site administrator and to the department for working with agents.
After you made the registration and went to your profile, you need to fully understand how the project is arranged and how our platform works. About this briefly you can read in the section: "Training, news and motivation"
or enroll in the nearest training for beginners in the company's training center or on the webinar.
In our free seminars you will learn how modern tourism is organized, what are the methods of work, directions of activities and tools, where to take customers, how to make the customer permanent, how to use social networks, how to create an active team, how to recruit groups, how to close deals, how to sell less, and earn more, what are the commission, how to get your earnings, how to earn money for the transactions of your team, how the marketing plan works. You will also learn how to increase your% of transactions and% of the transactions of your agents, you will learn how to earn not only on sales of tourist services but also on building your organization. At the seminars you will get a lot of new knowledge, which will open whole horizons for you, how to build a career, what niche you will choose as a basis. You will also learn the planning, goal setting, responsibility of accomplishing the tasks set and much more, without which it is difficult to move forward to your goal. You will know who and how can open a branch and training center, and how can participants earn by teaching others. You can also take advantage of paid training courses with a narrow professional focus in the field of tourism.
And in the class you will be told and taught how you can open your business in the USA, succeed and get a residence permit.
  • Individual and group package exclusive tours;
  • Sightseeing tours and other;
  • Hotels;
  • Resorts;
  • Air tickets;
  • Rent of cars and water transport;
  • Rental housing on vacation;
  • Cruises;
  • Charter yachts and aircraft;
  • Travel Insurance;
  • Amusement, amusement and recreation parks;
  • Tickets for events, concerts and sports activities;
  • Accompanying tourist services.
  • Career up to the Director or Investor;
  • Professional personal education, certificates, awards and diplomas;
  • Travel to on-site seminars and trainings;
  • Incentive travel;
  • Ability to escort groups;
  • Gifts and bonuses for excellent work;
  • Inspections of cruise ships, hotels, resorts;
  • Membership in IATA and personal IATA ID Card;
  • FA Tours and Travels.

Your earnings at the initial stage can range from $ 100 to several thousand dollars a month. It depends on your enthusiasm, preparation, working hours, negotiation skills, ability to create advertising and many other human and professional business qualities. But in that and all the charm of this project, that if you do not know something yourself or for some reason you can not do yourself, maybe you are very busy and you have not enough time to become successful and change your life, then giving this opportunity for other people in your team, there will always be a huge number of those leaders who have the strength, enthusiasm, creative thinking, skill, skill, professionalism, time and so on that would change not only your life but yours, making you also successful and secured.
So this project works, and if you put a little effort and time, then once only one person can change your whole life for the better !!! Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let us take advantage of these other people !!!


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